Elizabeth Stadler

Objective: To obtain employment in the IT field


Current intermediate web design http://www.thelibby.com HTML 3.2 certified

Adjunct faculty, Gwinnett Technical Institute, Lawrenceville, GA March - June, 2000

  • Instruct students in COBOL and AS/400 (prescribed material); reinforce lessons as required and monitor progress in laboratory work
  • Evaluate knowledge of same thru testing, participation opportunities, and lab observation
  • Record and report proficiencies of skills and deficiencies in attendance and participation

  • Programmer/analyst Atlanta Based Systems, Clarksville, GA 30523 April, 1997 - July, 1999

  • Write code in COBOL and SPII to maintain and enhance an existing online management system to provide DOS and UNIX owners with accurate information to operate their business using standard accounting principles; rewrite existing system, incorporating GUI design and programming using ICSP2 product
  • Design system specifications as needed to provide enhancements and changes to existing system to ensure a smooth transition for existing customers, working with new customers as needed
  • Provide Sales with a marketable system; maintain updated system documentation of internal and User Manuals
  • Train, instruct and aid software/hardware Support personnel; maintain dialog between Product Development and Director of Education to ensure accurate documentation of the system

  • Head Cashier Assistant and Customer Service, Rich's Department Store, Alpharetta, GA 1993 - 1994

  • Maintained cash of entire store: script, coins, gift certificates
  • Provided customer service, including account verification and information, and shipping

  • Financial and technical analyst, COBOL computer programmer, American Telephone and Telegraph, Bedminster, NJ and Cleveland, OH 1971 - 1977

  • Financial and technical analysis of computer system development enhancements, coordinating of business needs
  • DB Admin: Design, implement, and maintain data base, including restoration/recovery procedures and reorganization methods, programming aids Determine that an online financial data base has been compromised; direct all activities toward restoration/recovery maintain test procedures and documentation for Operations Support
  • Programmer, IBM 370 OS, Model 165, IMS application Implementation of on-line and batch processing programs for interstate settlements of entire Bell System
  • Coding, testing and debugging, documentation.

  • Education:

  • Access, Excel and other Microsoft Office products trained
  • Work toward second major at Gwinnett Technical Institute, Lawrenceville, including 1 year of Accounting B.S., Mathematics, Kent State University

  • Motivated, mature, hard-working and dependable           References on request

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