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Cast of characters:
Alyssa     Alyssa & Laura, GA Tech dance     Annie&Jim,Valentines  
Barkley   Bull (Nick)  
Carol&Will,Valentines   Christmas card   Chris&Laura    Cyndi  
DaddyDavid      Dogs
Frank,Gwen&Laura   Frank&Laura  
Gramma&Grampa,Valentines   GrammaF   GodfatherFrank
Hands   High rise,Redneck   Fun HTML for the beginner (me)
Jim,Sam fishing   Jim&Annie,Valentines   Jim,fishing     John,fishing
            JohnAKAGweido,hunting      John&Linsey,Valentines

|L|:  Laura   Laura's car   Laura's graduation   Laura & Alyssa, GA Tech dance     
            Laura & Libby  

   Mary      Mary in Las Vegas  
Nick,the firefighter
A Phenomenal Woman of the Web   Puff
Redneck      Reunion    Valentine
St Pat's   Sam, Jim fishing   Solon Hi'62 Reunion, 3Aug'02

Uga   Uga's view of Florida  
Valentines      Veteran's Day
Wendy   Will,fishing      Will&Carol,Valentines   Women  

Some of my Other Pages

Not forgotten!

Jms Arthur Preston

Fishing     Hunting
Mark Bovat's Wildlife
      Redneck hi rise
Praying Hands   
Whose Hands
Coloring my world
C O L O R   T A B L E
Solon Hi
Class of '62  Reunion
PuffThe Dog
The son I never had
HTML Tips For Beginners
Women      Swedish Proverb


Ice Sculpture

Veteran's Day



Who moved my cheese Having to deal with change, and NOT liking it? That's me. Try this book - fast read. Folks who know me claim I'm Hem... NO! I don't like change!

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Laura's Grad   
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Recipes from the Grad
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