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Our hearts and prayers are with the military personnel and their families, hunting terrorists thruout the world, to insure our safety, and that of democracy.
God be with each of you!

Wildlife Management Control

Hunting 2002: Alaska, a true Northern Exposure

Lins & Brownie
Ted's bear

Ted's Bear's Paw

Hunting 2001: Good year in South GA

That's my dog Wake up, SleepyHead

Hunting 2000 ~ In South GA, and upper NY:

GA 8pt

16 1/2" spread, 125class, 172#, 4 1/2yrs
GA 8pt

15" spread, 148#, 3 1/2yr old

Humans didn't rise to the top of the food chain to eat nothing but nuts and berries!
David's 8pt
Corey still thinks this is his

Bagged 5pounds
Alaska: Grizz didn't get John's M&Ms
could happen
the other side Vegetarian: old Indian word
for "bad hunter!"


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Mark Bovat, Wildlife Painter
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Winter Elk Eagles Wapiti Fighting

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