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A bad day of fishing beats a good day
at work any day!

Showtime! from Alaska:

John and an 80 pounder
John's Hal
Lins and a 30 pounder
Lins' Hal
Fisherman & The Snake:  An angler sitting along the shore ran out of bait. He looked around, and, as luck would have it, spotted a snake behind him with a frog in its mouth. The fisherman poured out a little beer near the snake. (Fishermen don't drink beer?) When the snake made to lap up the beer, the fisherman grabbed the frog, and used it for bait. A few minutes later, as he continued fishing, the fisherman felt a tap on his leg.     There was the snake, with 2 more frogs!
   John's 60+ lb king salmon
Kenia River, AK
Will caught some beauties!
REAL good eating!
Good day for fishing
Beats a good day at work

Sam       Sam, on left, and Jim, below,
           Paxson Lake, AK

 Sam's 8# burbot (ugly, but delicious)
       Jim's 24.5" lake trout

Lorans and Fishfinders don't work This one didn't get away
Jim's catch-of-the-day
Broke the net

TiredCatfish Attracted by a kid's ball bobbing in a small lake, a fisherman investigated, and found a tired channel catfish hanging onto the ball, vertically, exhausted. The cat could not swallow or spit out the ball, and could not swim properly with it.
The guy netted the cat, had his wife cut the ball so it deflated, removed the ball, and encouraged the cat to seek more appropriate food henceforth. This looks like a 30-40 lb cat.
Moral of the story: "Don't bite off more than you can chew!"

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