OK, finally, a page for one of my boys
Thomas Jackson
(no last names, he requests)

All his life, this one managed to have no pictures taken. Pitched a FIT whenever a camera was pointed his way, like the Aborigines, who believe taking one's picture will capture one's soul? Truly freaky. Santa Claus, with his sisters? Oh, no. NO way! And family events would find him checking out Grampa's new fishing lures, or helping Dad in the workshop. (Both of those gents also avoid family pictures - it's in his genes, I guess)

He was always inquisitive, creative, and technical, having to see how things worked, drawing schematics, taking pictures to document his efforts. Will I ever forget the grandfather clock in shambles, the toaster... Luckily, his grandfathers and Dad had lots of patience, to show him how to re-assemble the biggest pile of nuts, bolts, special springs. He just never stopped looking into things.

School pictures - how he avoided most of those was really uncanny, and the sports teams. What must the school have thought? The thought that he might be a vampire entered my mind from time to time, but he did cast a reflection in a mirror, so I chided myself for being the freak. The yearbooks in later years found his name amongst the "Not pictured". One year, he convinced the Year book staff that his name should appear as "Not pictured: Stonewall Jackson". What a character! Got him nicknamed Stony...

Girlfriends and wives had no effect on this family quirk either, and the other boys would always stick up for him, "Mom, if he doesn't want his picture taken, leave him alone." I didn't have a chance. Prom pictures were always of his dates, with his group of friends, but never with him.

His college career was distinguished, graduating with high honors, in 3 1/2 years, with a BS in biotech. Guess who didn't "walk" at his college graduation either!

Somehow, even military pictures never made it home, tho he assured me that a formal picture in "dress blues" had indeed been taken.

What does he do now? You guessed it - he's a photographer! Does free-lance, and a great deal of his scientific pictures has appeared in various well-known magazines. Am I a proud Mom, or what?

Maybe you saw him on TV?
Here he is, Thomas "Stony" Jackson

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