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The plan was made: Fred suggested he, Tom Meggyesy, and I, and spouses, get together in 2002 in Solon for a few drinks, providing Tom could obtain a release. As it was the 40th year of our graduation from Solon High School, we thought MAYBE we could scare up some interest in having a Reunion. Not having heard from the Committee, who does ALL the hard work on these Events, Fred had a friend schedule us into the Six Flags Hotel, first Saturday in August, 2002. We began our search, and arm twisting. Along the way, we got a GREAT deal of help from Donna Sidoti, Ken's sister, and Andy Kurinsky. Meanwhile, Fred became Columbo, finding the unfindable, calling them, still talking up this Event.
The Invitations went out, and up on the web. The site was changed, and more invitations went out again, and again. Reminders, notes were mailed and emailed
Where are they all??
Still no word from the Reunion Committee. Maybe we're not on "The List"...
    We found a few people, got some favorable responses. Even some current pictures! Looked maybe like Sophia, the Rock, Clint, and Arnold!
Wait a minute...

Solon High
Home of the Comets
40th Reunion of the Class of 1962
1962 - 2002

August 03, 2002
Twin City Pub & Grille
10735 Ravenna Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087


WinkingLizBO came up with a site for Friday, and the guys agreed the Buffalo wings there were great! Winking Lizard it was. More notes and emails, but no word from so many of the classmates. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel! Bobbie and Marty got some time, and made a BOATload of calls; found some more, and twisted some more arms.
Finally, the weekend arrived, and so did the classmates! What a turnout!! The weather was perfect. Couldn't have been better, either night. You can not imagine how good it was to see you after 40years, especially knowing some of you since kindygarten. A long time, and JUST not enough time to catch up! (And, no, Tom was not released.)
    So check out the pages for each person below, in the section below. Hopefully, they will each fill us in on their last 40 years. If they attended, their site will have a gold star. If they sent regrets, we missed them, THIS time. Maybe we'll find those missing, for the next reunion, in August, 2007. Hope to see you all then, send me pix, and keep in touch, y'hear? Libby

Joining us for the Celebrations, on Fri and Sat, were

MrMajor   MrCrooks   MrVogt   MrOlson  
            John Major                   Carl Crooks         Coach Bob Vogt        Luther Olson
      Superintendent                   Biology             Math & football            Music      
A special thx to Bob Vogt, who with < 2wks notice came all the way from DC. Apologies to Luther Olson, who came over to the Lizard on Fri; we have no pix of that night. (A C. Everett Coop look-alike!)

SO NICE to see you all!

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Andy Babe Rusty Libby Keith
'62s at '63, 2003
Fred and Libby in Biloxi Dec '04

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