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Laura's Graduation Page


  • From Ohio:  the AuntAnnie and Uncle Jim
  • From the East Coast:  Gramma Falciano, Aunt Wendy and Miss Stephanie, my fantastic cousin Nick, Aunt Donna
  • From Florida:  Nancy and Chris, and my adorable cousins Jamie, Alanna, Nicholas, and Kevin
  • From GA:  my sis Mary, Gwen and Dad, Mom, my pals Nicole and Todd; And, of course, MissA, and Chris!

    These people are always there for me, and I was glad they were able to share my special day!

  • Chris: He was on that other Tech team (Lacrosse)
    with Chris

    Supporting Cast:
    At a Dance with Miss A
    with Alyssa
    doobeedoobeedoo       another Yellow Jacket
    Cousin Nick AKA Bull
    Sissy MaryMacateer
    FL crew with Dad
    at a football game
    St Pat's '01
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    Chris, Nicholas, Alanna, Jamie, Dad, and Nancy
    Frank, Donna, Muriel, Kevin, Laura, Wendy, Nan (hidden), Mary
    in front: Alanna, Jamie, Nicholas, Stephanie
    Donna, Wendy, Muriel, Nancy, Jamie, Frank,
    in front: Alanna, Stephanie, Nicholas, Kevin
    clockwise from left: Donna, Frank, Gwen, Annie, Nick, Chris, Nicole, Alyssa, Muriel, Mary
    family2 Not the Sopranos on the couch
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    Visit the graduation page
    Annie & Jim: OH Jamie & Kevin: Gwen, Dad, and Laura
    a special aunt and uncle
    a pair a full house can't beat

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    The Crew:

    GREAT accommodations by Marriott's
    Residence Inn, Cumberland Mall,
    Smyrna, GA, and their pool was open

    Watermelon fruit basket
    Pasta salad
    Nancy's Ziti *
    Gwen's Manicotti *
    Mom's Lasagnas *
    (3-cheese and hi-test)
    Einstein's sandwich assortment
    Potato salad
    Caesar salad
    Foccacia bread
    Sodas, punch, and, Champagne!
    and Cake, big yellow cake!!! Note the Yellow Jackets
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    * Recipes

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