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Complete Idiot's Guide

First and foremost, my deepest thx to Paul McFedries, and the little book I picked up in Walmart,  "The Complete Idiots's Guide to Creating a Web Page".  Oh, how I wish I'd read the book before putting up all my pages! If you're just getting started, I have to suggest you start reading the book, and put up one page, as a TEST page, and do all the neat things in the book that strike your fancy, or anything else.
Then your 2nd and 3rd etc pages will be ever so much easier! My format here is to id the trick/tip, define the tip slightly, id my page where it occurs in the source code, and then the page in Paul McFedries book where a reader can check it out for herself. I used McFedries' 4th edition, so the pages mayn't be exactly the same.

spacing around an image

margin between image and text above and below

margin between image and text on left and right
this page see <IMG> attribute of the book
dropdown list dropdown list below is one way to GO page 254
formatting text

style sheets
Example on this page is with paragraph indent of 1/2inch, inline Insert <STYLE> tag before </HEAD> tag
(this page)
page 193
bullet as circle bullet type can be changed on a list Women page 54

expand that strict TABLE design Color Tables page 123

caption on table
can be top or bottom this page, above page 122
absolute positioning put image/text in a particular location on the page St. Patrick's Shamrocks page 218
margin I used a grassy margin on the left

could maybe be done with <TABLE>
Site down to avoid pitching fits page 130
wrap text around an image

an <ALIGN="LEFT"> tag
wrap text around an image to the right
POWMIA image
page 78
insert a specific
subject in email
specify email address as link then #subject Reunion page
break free of an image Suppose you're using ALIGN= to wrap text, but now you want to start a new line or paragraph, use <br CLEAR=ALL>page 79

just a mini image
Figure out what the dimensions to the true image are Hunting page
A's deer
page 388
Specify smaller WIDTH and HEIGHT in the <IMG SRC> tag. You can then give the viewer the option to click for full size. Loads quicker. Quicker loads result from specifying, for the browser, the WIDTH and HEIGHT in the <IMG SRC> tag.

What's that about?
Use a transparent gif spacer to maintain position in a cell Oops Will get another one up... page 84
link on same page <A NAME> and <A HREF> Christmas
page 64
BlackChancery To download this Gothic-looking text, =>.
already unzipped. Save to your Fonts Folder. Reload VOILA!
Click for Black Chancery

*Not in the book. Code copied from sites on the web. As always, download at your own risk

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